Importance of Garage Door Panel Repair

If you’ve got dents or damages to the garage door, it’s crucial to fix it as quickly as possible. Even if the damage is minor or just cosmetic, it can lessen the curb appeal of your property. You’ll want to fix them quickly to ensure your garage door looks its best.

 If the damage is ignored for too long, it could cause further damage to the structure of your garage door repair. A large dent could cause bends in your garage door tracks, and it could result in the door squeezing or being unusable. If you’re delaying repairs because you believe it’s too costly and time-consuming, you’ll soon discover that you’ll be spending more money on repairs in the future.

 So, it is essential to deal with the issue immediately. The faster you address it, the simpler and less expensive repairs will be.

Can Garage Door Panels Be Repaired?

It is possible to repair the door’s garage panel if damaged. There are a few methods to fix the issue based on the extent and severity of the damage.

 If you notice a tiny dent on one of the panels, it’s possible to get it out by hammering it. It can be done with the tool and a 2×4 or the technique of aluminum foil, air compressed, and an igniter to “pop back the metal into its place. Most of the time, this will be sufficient to repair small dents in the garage door.

 If the damage has become much more severe or multiple panels have been damaged, you should replace the panels. This will allow you to repair the damage and retain most of the old garage door without having a replacement. It’s much simpler to fix than you think, and you’ll save money on a new door by replacing just one or two panels.

When to Replace Rather a Than Repair?

In certain situations, fixing the garage door’s panels may be better than replacing the entire door. If the damage is serious and you need a replacement, replace the whole garage door. Here’s when you’ll want to think about replacement:

Consider the Age of the Door

The condition of your garage door can affect whether or not you replace it. Garage doors have a lifespan of around depending on the style and the material employed.

 If you notice damage to the garage door’s panels, think about the condition of the door. If it’s at the end point of its lifespan, then you’ll see that the panels are not worth repairing. Ultimately, you’ll need to replace the doors within a few years. In the meantime, it’s best to upgrade the door.

Consider the Damage to the Panels

The extent of damage that your garage door has suffered will play a large role as well. If you only have damage to one part of the panel, it makes sense to simply replace the damaged panel and continue using the garage door when needed.

But, if many panels are damaged, or the damage is very extensive, it might be better to replace the entire door. A professional in garage door repair can guide you on what to do.

Garage with an open door, look outside at night, 3d illustration

Look at Any Other Issues

There might be damage to the garage door panels, but check out the other issues your garage door may experience in the present. For instance, do you notice that it is sliding? It could be a sign that the wood is breaking or buckling. This can lead to further damage in the future. It could also be that the wood is cracking, or maybe it’s not working as it should. In either case, you’ll need to consider replacing the door instead of fixing it. You’ll save more money on repairs over the long term.

What You Need To Know About Repairing Garage Door Panels

If you’ve inspected the garage door and decided fixing it will be more effective than replacing it, you must know what to do next. First, consider matching the color of the new garage doors. You can purchase a new panel that matches the color of your garage door. However, over time, the sun and elements might damage the appearance of your door. It is recommended to consider repainting your door after replacing the panel so that you are sure your door looks its best.

Consider the number of panels that require replacement. Replacing one or two panels is generally a good idea to keep the garage door operating just as it should and will ensure you have the style you want. If the problem is more than that, you’ll need to consider changing the door. This is especially true if the door has sustained more damage because of your damaged panel.

Ultimately, you’ll need to locate a reliable contractor to install the parts. Although you can do it yourself, it’s not an easy task and could be risky if performed by yourself. Also, you’re not equipped with the knowledge and experience of a garage door repair expert, so you might not complete the job to the correct standard. Get a professional to do the job for you, and it’ll appear as if the damage wasn’t there.

It’s easier to fix garage door panels than one might believe. They’re designed to be pulled out and changed when required. If one has suffered damage, you can repair it and return the door in perfect working condition.

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